SD design Crelido bridle

SD design Crelido bridle

Farge og størrelse
kr 1 330

Varenummer: 180494 
Lagerstatus: 1

The Crelido bridle is very elegant and has a browband with silver studs, but we added a touch of SD and put crystals above and below the silver studs.

* Auburn leather with silver buckles.

* Memory foam in neckstrap and noseband for best possible pressure relief and comfort.

* The bridle is extremly leight because of the memory foam padding.

* The pad below the pullback is much larger than normal for better pressure relief. It is 15x6 cm. It is without any stitchings towards the horse for better comfort.

* Anatomic correct neckstrap with ekstra cutback for the ears so it do not pressure them and they have full earmovement.

* Thin noseband with no pull back.
* The noseband can be adjustet 2 places for optimal fit.

* French buckles for a more elegant look.

* Curved browband with crystal stones.

* Including web reins.